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What is Zaplingo? Who is Marta?

Marta is Zaplingo's AI English tutor that works inside of Telegram and WhatsApp. She is always available to talk to you and will help you practice English and get better every day.

Where can I use Zaplingo? Is there an app to download?

There's no app to download. You can use Zaplingo on Telegram or WhatsApp. Super easy!

What can I say to Zaplingo?

You can talk about any topic with Marta. She's very smart and will help you practice your English by engaging in interesting conversations with you. Here are some examples of things you can say to Marta to start a good conversation.

What do you think about the Marvel movies?
Are they any good?

I don't know what to eat today,
do you have any recommendations?

Do you know who Rick Rubin is?

Besides talking about any topic, you can ask for specific things like verb conjugation, synonyms, dictionary, etc.

How can I ask for a verb conjugation?

Just say:

What's the conjugation of Sleep?
What's the conjugation of Play?
What's the conjugation of Learn?

Can I translate things?

Sure! You can say:

Translate this

Me gustaría hacer el pedido de una camiseta azul. Me podrías ayudar por favor?

Alternatively you can also say:

How can I say Camión de helados?
How can I say Delfín?

Does Zaplingo have a dictionary?

Yes! You can ask about any word or expression.

Just write:
What does Catchy mean?
What does Thrilling means
What are the synonymous of Catchy?
What are the synonymous of Thrilling?

How much does Zaplingo cost?

Zaplingo is free! However if you want to learn at a faster pace, you should get Zaplingo Unlimited. It has more features like pronunciation analysis, audio messages, grammar review, and much more.

Check Zaplingo Unlimited for more information.

How can I make Zaplingo to stop sending me messages?

If you write Stop Zaplingo, Marta will stop replying to your messages until you accept again to receive messages.

Can I write to Zaplingo in my own language?

Yes! Although it's better that you practice in English, if you don't know how to say something, just write it in your own language.

Como posso pedir uma pizza em inglês?

Can I share Zaplingo with my friends?

Of course! For each person that you invite, you are also going to increase your daily free limit.

How can I manage my Zaplingo Unlimited subscription

Manage your Zaplingo Unlimited subscription here.

How can I talk to a human?

Very easy, just write an email to help @ and we will get back to you.
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